Het Centre for the Classical Tradition (CCT) Bonn (Universiteit van Bonn) en Jocasta | Classical Reception Greece (Universiteit van Patras) organiseren de conferentie ‘Classical Antiquity & Memory from the 19th-21st Century’ over de receptie van klassieke teksten en cultuur. De conferentie vindt plaats van 28 tot 30 september 2017 in Bonn. De CfP vindt u hier. De deadline is 15 mei 2017.

Call for Papers

Seminar ‘Meeting Spinoza: Books, Letters, Networks, Personal Encounters’

Date: October 5-6, 2017

Location: Utrecht

Confirmed invited speakers: Mogens Laerke (CNRS Lyon), Steven Nadler (Madison-Wisconsin), Antonella del Prete (Tuscia University)


While the old model of Spinoza as a recluse who developed a complete philosophical system in near isolation may no longer dominate scholarship as it once did, the full depth of his interaction with others remains largely unexplored. The seminar ‘Meeting Spinoza: Books, Letters, Networks, Personal Encounters’ seeks to fill this historiographical gap by bringing Spinoza specialists together with other early modern scholars who encounter him through the eyes of the historical figures at the basis of their own research. With the notion of ‘meeting’ in the main title we understand direct engagement with Spinoza during his own lifetime. Nevertheless, as the subtitle conveys, the modality of these meetings may be understood in a wide variety of ways. Papers may therefore consider the reception of Spinoza’s writings, either as they circulated in manuscript form or immediately upon their publication. They may seek to solve specific issues relating to Spinoza’s correspondence, or investigate patterns in his letter writing. We also encourage contributions on the networks in which Spinoza participated, ranging from the Jewish surroundings in which he was raised, to his ambivalent relationship with the Dutch Cartesians, and everything in between, such as the Dutch Collegiant community of his merchant years or even the prominent number of physicians figuring among his associates. A final, related area of interest is constituted by those contemporaries who are known to have met Spinoza in person. This category includes the famous meetings with Henry Oldenburg and Leibniz, but our interest extends also to chance or one-time encounters with lesser known figures, such as the Leiden theologian Salomon van Til. Papers should aim to contribute to our understanding of the man Spinoza, the development of his thought, and the response it evoked, all within the dynamics of the world in which he participated.


Anonymized abstracts (300-500 words) should be sent as a .docx file to Albert Gootjes (a.j.gootjes@uu.nl) by March 15, 2017; please include a separate attachment with contact information, affiliation, and professional status. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by April 15, 2017.      

Limited funds are available to cover travel and/or accommodations for presenters who receive no financial support from their institution. Please indicate in your cover letter if you would like to be considered for such a subsidy.

‘Spinoza’s Web’

This seminar is part of the ‘Spinoza’s Web’-projected directed by prof. dr. Piet Steenbakkers, and funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Organizers: Piet Steenbakkers, Jeroen van de Ven, Albert Gootjes

Seventeenth International Congress

of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies (IANLS)

Albacete (Spain), 29 July – 3 August 2018

“Humanity and Nature:

Arts and Sciences in Neo-Latin Literature”

Papers on this theme (in Latin, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish) or on other aspects of Neo-Latin Studies are welcome. We especially welcome abstracts on methodological and pedagogical aspects of Neo-Latin, as well as proposals for posters on relevant projects and research clusters, and for special sessions. Special sessions may be proposed.

Abstracts (150-200 words) should be submitted to María-Teresa Santamaría-Hernández, Chair of Organizing Committee, by e-mail: congreso.ianls.albacete@uclm.es, no later than 30 April 2017.

Participants must be paid-up members of the IANLS before 30 April 2017.

The Congress registration (120 euros and 60 euros reduced fee) may be done from October 2017.

First Circular for Triennium 2015-2018

Op 23 en 24 juni 2017 vindt de zevende Gewina Conference for the History of Science in the Netherlands plaats in conferentiecentrum Woudschoten in Zeist. Het thema is ‘Materiality, Museums and Media. History of Science, Presentation, and Outreach’. Meer informatie en de Call for Papers vindt u op de website van het Digitaal Wetenschapshistorisch Centrum. De deadline is 1 december 2016.

Mariana Françozo organiseert in oktober een driedaags congres in Leiden over de Historia Naturalis Brasiliae, het boek uit 1648 van Georg Marcgraf en Willem Piso – geredigeerd door Johannes de Laet – dat geldt als een vroege encyclopedie van de tropische natuur in Brazilië (http://www.research.leiden.edu/research-profiles/global/news/grant-winners-2015.html). Françozo heeft nog niemand gevonden die iets zinnigs kan zeggen over de taal waarin het boek geschreven is, Latijn. Heeft een van u tips voor de spreker? Gelieve contact op te nemen met Michiel van Groesen: m.van.groesen@hum.leidenuniv.nl. (DvM)

Proposals are sought for individual papers of 20 minutes, or panels of up to four papers, to be sponsored by the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies at the 2017 annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, to be held in Chicago, 30 March to 1 April. Proposals should include the information requested on the RSA website, http://www.rsa.org/page/2017Chicago#prop, under ‘What’s in a proposal?’ Everyone who presents at the annual meeting must be a member of RSA at the time of the meeting. Proposals should be sent to Craig Kallendorf, at kalendrf@tamu.edu, by May 29. Proposals will be refereed and everyone will be informed about whether or not the proposal has been accepted by the second week of June.