The Spring 2018 issue (volume 67.1) of HL has just been published online.  You can read and download all articles for free on

Table of Contents:

– Hester Schadee, A Tale of Two Languages. Latin, the Vernacular, and Leonardo Bruni’s Civic Humanism (11-46)

– Tedd A. Wimperis, A Humanist Autograph Lost and Found. Mattia Lupi’sAnnales Geminianenses (47-68)

– Quinn Griffin, “Salve atque vale, aselle.” Satire and Consolation in Laura Cereta’s In asinarium funus oratio (69-89)

– Tobias Daniels, Die Bücher des Humanisten Christophe de Longueil. Das Römische Inventar von 1519 (91-142)

– Harry Vredeveld, The Fairytale of Nicolas Denisot and the Seymour Sisters (143-208)

– Francesco Cabras, Presenze omeriche e oraziane negli Elegiarum libri quattuor di Jan Kochanowski. L’Iliade e i Carmina oraziani nell’elegia 3.7 (209-229)

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