Craig Kallendorf, a former president of IANLS, has recently sold his personal library of texts, editions, and monographs, largely in Neo-Latin, to an independent book dealer who has listed them for sale on abe books.  The books are in very good condition and include material from many different presses, much of which is hard to find and is being offered at good prices.  This is an excellent chance for our members, especially younger scholars, to build their libraries in the field.  To find out what is available, please follow these steps:

At, click on “Sellers” in the menu bar

In the “Search by Name” field, type “Michener”

Select the only match: “Michener & Rutledge Booksellers”

At “Search Michener & Rutledge Booksellers,” type “Kallendorf” in the Keyword field

There is even a “Search within Those Results” option

After you open an account, you can communicate with the bookseller, Walter Michener, directly; I suspect, for example, that if you order several books, they can be combined into one package to reduce postage.  Mr. Michener is also happy to deal with your university library.

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