New in the series ‘Bibliotheca Latinitatis Novae’: ‘Joannes Burmeister. Aulularia and Other Inversions of Plautus’.

Joannes Burmeister
Aulularia and Other Inversions of Plautus
Edited by: Michael Fontaine

First critical edition of Burmeister’s newly discovered Aulularia
Joannes Burmeister of Lüneburg (1576–1638) was among the greatest Neo-Latin poets of the German Baroque. This volume offers the first critical edition of the newly discovered Aulularia (1629), which exists in a sole copy, and the fragments of Mater-Virgo (1621), which adapts Plautus’s Amphitryo to show the Nativity of Jesus.

€ 75,00, ISBN 9789462700086, paperback, 380 p., Bibliotheca Latinitatis Novae

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