The Fall 2019 issue (volume 68.2) of HL has just been published online. You can read and download all articles for free on

Table of Contents:

– Jorge Ledo, Erasmus’ Translations of Plutarch’s Moralia and the Ascensian editio princeps of ca. 1513 (257-296)
– Filippomaria Pontani, Knocking on Charon’s Door. Andrea Dazzi’s Epigram for Julius II, and the Iulius exclusus (297-315)
– Matteo Stefani, Bonaventura Vulcanius traduttore della Catena in Ioannem (317-359)
– Konrad Löbcke, Paul Reichetanz, Praising through Intertext. On Jakob Liefer’s Literary Technique in the Neo-Latin Epic Bellum Sudense (361-377)

– Fabio Della Schiava, Un codice di Federico Veterani alla Biblioteca Universitaria di Anversa (379-390)

Humanistica Lovaniensia. Journal of Neo-Latin Studies (online ISSN 2593-3019, PLUS) is a KU Leuven based double-blind peer-reviewed international journal that appears twice a year (March and September) as an online-only open access publication. HL welcomes articles in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish on Neo-Latin language, literature and culture from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century, as well as critical editions and translations of Neo-Latin texts.

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