The Stevin Centre for History of Science and Humanities, founded in 2014, offers a platform for teaching and research in the history of science and the humanities at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and it organizes seminars, colloquia and workshops, see On 16 and 17 December 2016, the Stevin Centre together with Resesarch Institute CLUE+ organizes a two-day conference in Amsterdam devoted to the work of Simon Stevin.

The aim of the conference is to generate fresh views on Stevin’s work from a twofold perspective: on the one hand, contributors will take a closer look at Stevin’s ambitions, motives and methodologies. What did he aim to achieve ? What drove him ? How did he reason and work ? Papers deal with Stevin’s methodology, philosophy and mechanics as well as his work on language, music, education and political order. On the other hand, contributors will address the question: what made a polymath like Stevin possible ? What were the factors or circumstances under which someone like Stevin could flourish ? This second set of questions is comparative in nature. Papers examine the work and background of Giovanni Battista Benedetti, Thomas Harriot, Edward Wright, Cornelis Drebbel, Joseph Furttenbach and Christopher Polhem.

For more information and registration, please contact the organizing committee (

Event data

  • Conference “Stevin Inside Out: New Perspectives on Simon Stevin”
  • Dates: 16 and 17 December 2016
  • Venue : Stichting Notariële Wetenschap, Van Eeghenstraat 222, Amsterdam
  • Organized by the Stevin Centre for History of Science and Humanities, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and CLUE+ Research Institute +, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


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